Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

My children's school, Sullins Academy, recently held its annual auction to benefit the school. This is the school's biggest fundraiser and there was no shortage of work done by the students, teachers and moms. Each class has an art project for the live auction and I was in charge of the 3-year-old class (after all, I do have 3 of the 10 toddlers in the class!).

The goal of the project is to do something creative, have each child participate and sell (you hope) to a parent at a high price! I decided to do a mirror surrounded by handpainted tiles fired in the kiln at our local ceramics studio, Kil'n Time (a big thank you to the owners, who graciously donated all the supplies).

All of the classes had amazing art projects, but I must say I am especially proud of Mrs. Oliver's class for doing such a wonderful job! Here is the finished mirror (and my reflection, snapping the photo!):

First, I painted a border around the tiles the kids were to paint, along with each child's name. Then they painted whatever they wanted on the tiles. Mrs. Oliver painted a tile too.

Next, I took pictures of each child (and Mrs. O.), traced them on a tile, and painted a background. Kil'n Time used a special technique to fire the photos in a sepia tone on the tiles. I painted a couple of filler tiles with the school and class name, and voila, we had a finished product that went for $1,200 at the auction! Ok...I must admit that my dad was the one who bought it, but still there were many bidders driving up the price!

I also donated 18 pairs of earrings for the silent auction. Last I checked they were going for around $900, which made me very happy!

I displayed them on this enormous box that almost didn't fit on the silent auction tables. Covered in turquoise burlap (fun but messy) and leopard ribbon, it has an artsy sphere made out of chicken wire at the top.

Before we put the tiles on the mirror, Jackson helped me paint the frame.

His t-shirt may not have helped the Cowboys win, but Sullins definitely won at the auction!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's in a Name?

Thank you, Initial Presents, Inc. for featuring my kids on your Facebook page!

Initial Presents is an adorable store in Buffalo, New York, owned and operated by my step-sister Debbie and her sister-in-law Patti. They carry every kind of gift you can imagine, ranging from home accessories to jewelry (they've been kind enough to sell my jewelry from time to time!) to clothing. And they do a ton of monogramming...

Debbie and her sisters gave me these cute monogrammed sweaters for my kids a couple of years ago. They have grown since then, of course, but we enjoyed the sweaters and it was fun not to have to tell everyone their names all the time when they wore them!

You can find the sweaters and more on their website (click here) and you can like them on FB by clicking here.

Think of the fun you could have with monogramming! I once saw a college-aged guy who had his phone number monogrammed on his shirt. A not-so-subtle way to advertise that he's available!