Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kitty Kat Caravan

Why should humans be the only ones with fashionable luggage tags? Before my kids came along I obviously had too much time on my hands. I wanted only the best for our furry friends and that included preppy identification tags so that they wouldn't get lost during a vet visit or when we had to board them.

I found oversized cardstock tags at an office supply store. The tags already had strings on them so they were easy to attach to the cat carriers. I cut different ribbons to size and glued them onto the tags, then wrote each cat's name with a Sharpie (Kit & Kat always rode together). On the back I included our address and phone. They could be laminated at a copy shop for longer use.

Not once did we come home with a dog named Spot.



Anonymous said...

Great recommendation -- considering I, on a weekly basis, am identifying shelter animals with a PetSmart tin name tag. Less costly method here Martha, plus personalized touch.

Catherine said...

Martha, I am behind on your blog and just read your entry about the loss of Kit, Bogie, and Birdie. I'm sorry to hear this sad news. Pets are family and it hurts to lose them.

Your memorial stones are just precious and I love the idea!

Love and Hugs to all the family =)