Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heart to Heart

Here's a quick and easy jewelry project to make for Valentine's Day. I found a clear plastic heart-shaped pendant at a bead store (similar ones can be found at craft stores).

Then I cut a heart shape to size out of zebra-patterned tissue paper. Extra-sharp scissors should be used for the cleanest cut. Next I covered one side of the heart with Mod Podge decoupage glue, using a small sponge paint brush, and laid the tissue on it, face down. This is the underside of the pendant; the front side of the tissue will show through the other side of the heart. You may have to work with the tissue a little while the glue is wet in order to remove any creases and air bubbles. I used a straight pin to gently work a hole into the tissue paper to correspond with the hole in the pendant. Finally, I covered the back side of the tissue with another coat of Mod Podge and let it dry.

After the glue dried, I put a red leather cord through the pendant and tied it to make a necklace. Make a Valentine for yourself while waiting for one from that special someone!



TattingChic said...

Nice heart. Thank you for the comment on my blog post about winning the OWOH giveaway. I don't see an email address on your blog profile or a link to one on your blog. I guess "great minds" think alike because I am protective about my email info as well.
I will leave you this email that I have for this sort of situation.
tattingchic ("at")
I think you know what to replace the word "at" with. :)

Thanks so much for your generosity. I'm excited to have won your beautiful blue earrings. I will be putting up a thank you post to the people I have won from in a few days that will include a link to your blog. Thanks again! :)

Xazmin said...

What a clever idea. I can't wait to make some with my girls! Thanks for the idea. I am so in love with mod podge!!

Martha McGlothlin Gayle said...

Thanks, for the nice comment, Xazmin! I too, love Mod Podge! So many uses, so little time! :-)